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            Motor characteristics

            • 2020-01-17
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            1.Compact structure, small size and light weight

            It consists of aluminum alloy front cover, intermediate body, rear cover, gear made of alloy steel and pressure plate made of aluminum alloy. The front and back covers are each press-fitted with two DU bearings. The DU material is ideal for gear pumps. Bearing materials can greatly increase the life of gear pumps.

            2. Reliable work

            The pressure plate is the main component of radial and axial pressure compensation, which can reduce the bearing load and automatically adjust the axial clearance of the gear pump, thereby improving the performance index and working reliability of the gear pump; GM5 and GPC4 series gear motors can provide single rotation There are four types of structure without front bearing, double rotation without front bearing, single rotation with front bearing, and double rotation with front bearing. The gear motor with front bearing can bear radial force and axial force.

            3.High speed and pressure

            The rotation speed is 3000 ~ 4000 rpm, and the theoretical torque is 17N.m (Newton.meter) ~ 64N.m, which can reach 20-25MPa.

            4. Connection method is suitable for imported machinery and construction machinery

            Meet SAE and national standard GB mounting flange, shaft extension, oil inlet and oil outlet connection line. Widely used in automobiles, tractors, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other mechanical hydraulic systems.


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